About Me


Bits of my little world is created, nurtured and managed by me, Parvathy. I am a Freelance Architect doing a lot of crafting and cooking on a daily basis that eats up most of my time. It keeps me going because there is something creatively done at the end of the day.

I am a Malayali (from Kerala in India, the land popularly known as Gods own country) and brought up in a beautiful town Kottayam (almost the Southern tip of India) till I joined college. I completed my degree in Architecture from  Mysore (South India) and Post Graduation from Ahmedabad (West of India). Both Mysore and Ahmedabad are culturally strong cities and has taught me a lot about diversity. I practiced as an Architect for a few years before I moved to the United Kingdom. After marriage, moving cities was a almost a regular deal. Now we have moved countries and almost settled into a beautiful home in small town called Loughborough in the United Kingdom.

I love crafting and mostly recycling to create something that make a spaces prettier or more organised. I also love illustrating. So as I progress into blogging I will put up more illustrations to make the page active, until then I will use my Canon 500D to tell stories. Through this blog I wish to share new ideas and works I am passionate about and hence ‘Bits of my little world’ remains perfect.








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