Denim flower headband

Even before Thalia was born I bought so many ribbons and beads to make headbands and bows for her. I made a few bows but wasn’t sure of the size of a baby’s head. Although the sizes were available on Pinterest, I didn’t use it and ended up not finishing the headbands. After she was born, I had absolutely no time or energy to finish them and it took me five months to finally open the box and start from where I had left it.

Now I try and make a little time to do crafts when she sleeps. I recently cut short a pair of baggy jeans and that 2″ of denim was used to make this DIY. I found this idea on Pinterest by Creations by Kara.

Materials required:

  1. Denim
  2. Cardboard to make templates
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle and thread/ sewing machine
  5. Buttons or beads for embellishment
  6. Elastic, ribbon or clip according to the accessory you want to make


Draw circles three different diameters with a 5-petal flower inscribed in each circle and cut them. I use cereal boxes or Twinnings tea box as they are easy to cut and the edges are particularly helpful when you are tracing them. Trace then onto your denims and cut them. I folded each petal into a quarter and cut the corner to make space for the pins on my embellishment. You can skip this step if you are using buttons.

Overlap all three layers on the ribbon and sew besides the hole. You can hand-stitch it if you don’t have a sewing machine. Insert the pins on the embellishment and carefully apply hot glue over it to stick the ribbon onto the denim.

If you want to be extra careful about the pins, you can cut a piece of the denim and use hot glue to cover the pins.

You are now ready to flaunt your denim bows.

Happy crafting 🙂

Remember to share images if you ever try and I will share them on my blog.


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