Make yourself a Mail holder

Hello World,

Am back to trying new DIYs even though I have not yet settled into my new home. I love to reuse things that I have at home. So today I am using very basic things you can find in your home and with absolutely no additional cost. Yes, you heard it right, not a pence spent on this!

Things you need

  1. Cardboard. I used the cardboard pieces (23 cm in width) that came with the duvet cover packaging. One was the base cardboard and the other two thinner ones for advertisement from the same packaging. You can find any that suits your need.
  2. Two pieces of fabric. I used an old top and a unused cotton stole.
  3. Twine, long enough for hanging.

So, this is the cardboard I used for the first part of my mail holder.


I used the neck portion of the blouse and hence followed the neckline of the same (optimum utilisation).


Following the neckline and cut the card board. You can also make a striaght cut if you are using a fabric with no neckline.



To cover the edge of the unfinished cardboard, you could use the same fabric and fix it with hot glue.


Note: If you are following the neckline of the fabric, preferably opt for a simple neckline. A fabric with a round neckline might be difficult for this step. It will be easier to do this with simple or straight necklines. 

So there is a step I missed and hence a photograph is missing. The inside of this has to be lined with a different fabric. Before you do the final wrapping, make sure you line the inside. Wrap the fabric around the cardboard and ensure all the edges and corners of the fabric are glued.


Now onto the second part of the mail holder. I used the advertisements (two of them) on the packaging, stapled them together to make them sturdy and made folds as shown below.


So yes, I learned from my previous mistake and made sure the lining was done before the final wrapping.


Now, wrap the fabric around and glue them at all corners and edges tightly. I got a tad bit lazy and stapled the edges.


So here is how they look together


This is the last step for this DIY. Lay the twine as shown in he figure (in dotted line) on either side of the box at 1″ from the edge. I also made a knot at every intersection to hold the boxes in place.


Test the lengths of your twine, glue the twine on to the fabric and hang them (preferably from two nails). So this is how it looks when you hang them.


The lengths and the widths I used were based on this space close to the kitchen counter which had two nails in place. It fits perfectly near the counter and looks great.



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