Make your own Jacket

All you need for this simplest DIY is an unused dress, kurta/kurti (an Indian wear) or a top to be converted into a jacket. Preferably something that can look elegant as a jacket, so choose the garment carefully. I used an old kurta which was a bit too tight for me. This is the best way to reuse a dress that is not fitting you well. I have used a simple cotton kurta and hence this jacket is going to be perfect for summer.

So once you have picked your dress/ kurta, refer the following image. Cut along those dashed lines. You need to cut at four points:

  1. Decide on the length of the jacket you wish to make. I made a jacket that covers my waistline. So this might be the first cut you wish to make.
  2. Cut through the centre of the neckline till the end
  3. and 4. Cut the arms at desired length. I chose to cut at an inch above the elbow of the sleeves.


Now you are halfway done!! All you need to do to finish this awesome piece of garment is fold and stitch the areas you just cut.

Note: Depending on the designs on the neck or collar (if you have), you may need to make to cuts of 1″ each on either side of the line shown. I have used a different kurti to show you the lines to cut but it had almost the same pattern as the garment I used. 


So this is how my jacket looks.


You may notice in the picture below that the jacket is not cut the centre of the neckline. This kurta had a design at the centre which I could not incorporate in the jacket. So I had to cut a little more than an inch on either side of the centre-line.


Now, all you need to do is pair this up with a beautiful dress or a top and these are going to perfect for the summer.

If you try this, do not forget to send me images of your awesome jackets. 🙂

PS: Next time I do this to any of my garments with a difficult neckline, I will definitely document it for your reference.


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