Ombre paper mobile

This is my first blog post and I am very excited to complete this post on a DIY. But for now I can only show you a sneak peak as I am still completing the DIY.

The idea is to make an ombre wheel with the most radiant shades from red to white. IMG_8698.JPG

So these are the shades I have chosen. I bought them from Hobbycraft. The colours are Guardsman red, Bright red, Tangerine, Buttercup, Dresden Yellow and off-white (which I already had a entire roll). An A4-size sheet for each colour is required for this project.


I also bought a 1″ circle punching machine to make my task easier. So into an A4 sheet, I could fit in 8 circles of 9 rows (total 72 circles each). You could use it as per your convenience and requirement.

Tip: 2″ circle would be better but you will not get so many circles out of one A4 sheet.

Assembling this into the ombre wheel will be shown by end of March. I am moving into a new home and do not want to carry an assembled piece all the way there. Please wait till you see the final product.


One important thing I have learnt while doing DIY is that you need to be patient. A sudden result is impossible to achieve and most likely that is how DIY fails. Through the years, I developed this habit of pondering over the idea in my head before I finally start. This gives me more time to think about the process and and better ideas.




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